It’s pretty funny how slow Mainstream Media reacts to certain things. I guess it has a lot to do with not wanting to ruffle any feathers, but you would think in a business as critical as Sports Reporting that more items like this would surface. I mean I’ve been trumpeting this for a year, and FJM has been at it since 2005. What’s the delay? If something is that horrible you should say something. Well someone has….

New York Post writer Phil Mushnick has “Had His Phil of Joe Morgan” (Get it? Phil instead of Fill…you know…his name? Hilarious). I poke fun, but it’s refreshing to see the rest of the world catching up. From his column….

The year, Morgan told us, was 1964, that calamitous season when the Phillies blew a 61/2-game lead with 12 games left by losing 10 straight. Morgan said he made his major-league debut late in ’64, against the Phillies. And it was in that game that his RBI single beat the Phillies, extending their infamous losing streak to eight or nine.

Morgan added that Phillies manager Gene Mauch was so upset he threw over the buffet table in the clubhouse, hollering that his club had just been beaten by “a Little Leaguer!”

Great story. But unless Morgan was confusing himself with Reds rookie infielder Chico Ruiz, it never happened. As several readers were moved to write, the Phillies played the Reds, Braves and Cardinals during that losing streak; Houston wasn’t in the mix.

Furthermore, Morgan, though called up in 1964, did not have an RBI that season for Houston.

And he did not make his big-league debut in ’64, either. That came Sept. 21, 1963, when he went 0-for-1, pinch-hitting against the Phillies.

Welcome to the club Phillip, and just so you know…..THIS HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE GAME (And interview and ESPN Chat)!!!!! Someone please do something about this guy. He’s ruining Summer Baseball viewing for me and the rest of the Country.

I’m instituting a new rule. If you are an ex-athlete and you can’t remember the year in which your first start occurred was….you’re fired. Right there in the studio and on-air. This one rule alone would get rid of Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, Bill Maas (prior to his arrest), Shannon Sharpe, Paul Maguire, and hopefully Sean Salisbury. A boy can dream right?

Had Our Phil Of Morgan (NY Post)