First let me start by saying that I’m extremely disappointed that embedding is disabled on this clip. So everyone boo muvidlover with me. Now that you’ve done that…

The Synopsis: On the NASCAR telecast over the weekend Chris Meyers sets up a plug for Fantastic Four 2, and throws it down track-side to Steve Burns for an interview with the cast of the movie. They are standing by a decorated Dodge, and Steve Burns starts the interview with Jessica Alba….that’s when things get fun…

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“NASCAR is a sport, but it’s also entertainment, which bring us to Ms. Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, and friends.”- SB

The rest of the cast just cracks up, and Jessica graciously helps Burnsy out with the names. My favorite part actually happens just before the 1:30 mark when Steve just completely blows off Chiklis to talk to Alba about Maxim.

Too damn funny…just goes to show you that sideline reporters are just as worthless in NASCAR as they are in any other sport.

(And again….muvidlover….boooooooo!)

Wait, There’s a Second Fantastic Four (Awful Announcing)

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