Haven’t had the opportunity to ruin your day with some musical links in awhile, so here we go…..

Your links are sponsored today by……Ghetto Cowboy from Mo Thugs (I’m going to skip the cheesy part where I add the word “link” into the lyrics. Just enjoy this masterpiece):

You betta count your money….onto the links…..

These Noah Photoshops are Amazing (Bruin Online)
Who Wants to Sex Hansbrough? (We Are The Postmen)
Chuck Klosterman is being pretentious…surpsrise! (Gawker)
Female Umpires? (Babes Love Baseball)
Can we please just get rid of the “underwear” stereotype? It’s really not (nor has it ever been) funny. (FJM)
What Board Game would you choose if your life depended on it? (KSK….my choice is Mousetrap.)
Blog Show Number 2 Tonight. I’ll have the video up later. (Mister Irrelevant)

I’m turning this show over to Extra P and OMDQ, but I’ll be back with your Final Four in quotes (probably Sunday)….titled The “I Don’t Like Sports That Much” Edition. See you then, and let’s have Joe Noah dance us into the Final Four weekend.

HUUUUUGE UPDATE: I forgot to remind you that Mascot Madness on Animal Planet is this Sunday at 8pm. Go Go Baby Arm!!!