“Trying to spark his team in his own territory, against the team that has run up the field against them so far for the entire 1st quarter.”- Tony K.
“That’s exactly why you need to do it….to get the crowd in the game.”- Jaws
“He didn’t do it. Crowd out of the game.”- Tony
“You have access to the results.”- Jaws
“That’s why I’m a sportswriter and you’re a quarterback.”- Tony

Uh oh……here we go. Tony actually makes a great point for once and Jaws fights him and loses. Just lose all credibility tonight Ron…I’m looking forward to it.

Huge pass by VY to Brandon Jones! Titans are shocking the Saints who look like they’re stuck in mud for about the third game of the season. Horrible tackling seems to be the Saints’ M.O.

10-0 Titans.

“Kevin Mawae is like a seeing eye dog for Vince Young”- Tony Kornheiser (Via Matthew), Just a horrible quote.

“Tony: They’re not supposed to score, they’re not supposed to throw and score…how the hell do you want them to score you bald-headed prick?”- Dr. C


“lmao at them coming back from commercial and then after showing an Extra point going back too Commercial”- Anon

Double Ugh. I hate this practice. It’s like the kinda hot nerdy girl that would c-tease you throughout highschool. I hated that girl.

9:33- A nothing screen goes to Bush and he’s useless at this point.

Hey a first down for the Saints! Brees to Colston!!!! They follow up with a run that is blown up by Haynesworth.

“He’s a plugger!”- Jaws


A holding penalty on the Saints has them going backwards. Saints fans look depressed……AND A PICK BY KEITH BULLUCK!!!!!!!!

Awful throw by Brees…..

AND A PICK BY NEW ORLEANS ON THE PLAY ACTION!!!!!!!!!! Now we’re cooking. Turnovers are exciting!

9:41- Hey Jason David got the pick….good for him. Seriously Saints…..STOP RUNNING UP THE MIDDLE!!! When did Payton go from coach of the year to Joe Gibbs?

3rd and short for the Saints and a timeout.

“I think Young should get a tatoo that says, “Wonderlic”- Dummy

Hahahaha…..that’s funny. I don’t care who you are.

“The Saints make there first big defensive play of the year”- Mike Tirico, I guess there fumble recovery on opening night was not big (Via Anon)

Nope…a play does not count until it’s completed on Monday Night Football.

3rd and 3 and Brees hits Moore for a first on a pretty crappy play, and the Titans should challenge that one. No dice.

……Wait…….did Suzy Kolber just do a report on FEMA?!?!?! Come on ESPN. They also completely miss a McAllister injury because they’ve gone to their 14th sideline report of the night.

Here come the boooooooos.

9:55- Sorry about the delay….had a little bit of internet issues but we’re good.

Oh and Anon….I got a good photo of Ms. Rebuilding for you. Stick around for the third quarter!

“Perhaps what Reggie Bush needs is Kim Kardashian tied naked (drooling on myself) to the goal post to get to the endzone.”- Matthew


9:59- Great catch by Moore….one handed grab. They go back to him on second down and Moore is just assaulted on 2nd down. 3rd down and 5 from inside the 10…..

Oh man Brees’ head almost came off on that one. Personal foul and the Saints get the ball on the 5. 1st and goal.


No….no touchdown. He had that all the way. Challenge.


Mike Tirico talks completely over the ref’s replay call. 2nd and goal.

Too easy on the out to Bush……….DROPS IT!!!! Oh wow! Just a horrible drop. Give it to him again!

TOUCHDOWN SAINTS! Reggie Bush just outran everyone to the corner and we’ve got ourselves a game (albeit a crappy one)

It sounded like Tirico was going too have a Hard attack when Bush dived in for that “IS HE IN !!!” he wanted that too be a TD So bad.- Anon

Seriously…..I actually found myself rooting for Bush to get in though. Or was it getting in the Bush? I’m confused.

Hey….a Kerry Collins sighting! VY’s wrist is banged up and all of sudden the Saints have a chance. Michele Tafoya goes crazy on a report that Vince Young is dehydrated. Aren’t most NFL players a bit dehydrated during a game?

“Suzy has a guest.”- Tirico

It’s Archie Manning. Whoopedy Doo! At least he’s talking about New Orleans and not his sons for once.

10-7 Titans At the half. I’ll see you in a new thread after the break!

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