This is just about the craziest marketing move I’ve ever come across (it probably ranks right behind the time I went to a Demolition Derby and handed out tickets to a JMU Football game). The NFL-Network and DirecTV are providing a huge service to those cities that can’t view games due to blackouts. A blimp with a giant video screen airing the games for people in the streets. From Sports by Brooks via USA Today…

DirecTV, a satellite TV provider, will announce Wednesday the most imaginative tactic in the hubbub over how viewers might get NFL games that air on the NFL Network. DirecTV will show them on the giant video screen on its blimp as it flies above towns whose cable operators don’t carry the league’s channel.

While the first trip for the aircraft will head to Florida for the Thursday and Sunday games…..the most notable voyage for the blimp would be a trip over Boston during their Week 17 contest between the Pats and Giants. The thing can fly as low as 1,000 feet above the ground, and if the Patriots lose I’d be pretty wary of the tops of buildings in Boston if I were the pilots.

Blimp Shows Network Games Over Blacked Out Burghs (Sports by Brooks)