Could Toyota have found anything more stupid for an ad than “Jon and J.J.’s Line of Scrimmage?”

PK’s coaching rumors: Chicago D-coordinator Ron Rivera for Arizona, Russ Grimm or Ken Whisenhunt for Pitt (repeating what everyone else has been saying), and the possibility of Jeff Tedford to Atlanta (this is the real “WTF” to me; Tedford’s Cal teams just keep choking, and he’s responsible for unleashing Kyle Boller on the league.) JaMarcus Russell jumped up to the Raiders’ pick in PK’s eyes if he comes out (not if, when, really), but does anyone else think he may be Daunte Culpepper, Part Deux?

Mike Patrick Sucks said…”Anyone else enjoying Peyton Manning struggling so badly in the playoffs yet again? Which everyone of course will conveniently forget about next year during the season…Also HOLY LIVING SHIT how bad is the Chiefs offense. They have worse receivers than the Patriots incredibly enough.”

Amen. Trent Green wishes he had Reche Caldwell and Troy Brown right now. My weekend will be made if Peyton and Eli both lose this weekend. We are already seeing the slack-jaw out of Manning.

BN sez from sideline that Herm says no way to Huard. Big mistake, Herm, big mistake.

And Mongoloid #1 is picked yet again by Ty Law. Law is now Manning’s favorite receiver, and I’m not so sure that the Colts won’t challenge that INT.

Coors Light finally gets around to using Jim Mora the First’s “PLAYOFFS?” rant for an ad. Well played, sirs, well played!

Colts challenge the INT and lose — 3 out of Peyton’s last 15 throws are picks. KC 3 and Out Count is now 6, as it goes Run LJ Left for Not Much, Run LJ Right for Even Less, and Trent Green throws to a spot where the receiver isn’t.

“This is one of the truly inept performances we have seen in the playoffs in a long time. Maybe Kansas City’s defense should go play offense.” – CC

20 first downs for Indy, 0 for KC. And the score is still 9-0. Ouch, that leg on a KC defender bent in ways it wasn’t supposed to. Joseph Addai keeps playing like a beast and moving the Indy offense down red zone territory. Indy has more first downs than KC has offensive yards, and Addai plows into the end zone for six. Kick is up, and good. Indy, 16-0.

“Get Ty Law out there; he’s the only guy who can gain any yardage for them.” – CC

And KC gets a first down on an LJ reception. It took almost three quarters. KC is driving — Green throws to Wilson to the Indy 21. Johnson catches another one in the teens, and pounds it in for a first down. Green to Tony Gonzalez for six, and they’re lining up for a 2-point conversion…Green to Chris Wilson again, and it’s good. Indy 16-8.

CC just made a turnaround on Trent Green staying in the game so quickly his head spun faster than Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

16-8, Colts after three.