This seems like one of those things you’d really want to pass on, but I guess Bob thought it was a good idea.

FOX Producer: It’ll be real quick Bob….just a few secs with Frank Caliendo. He’ll be doing Madden and you can beat him up. You know, as a joke.
Bob Costas: Okay….I’m in.

NBC’s Bob Costas appeared on the “Frank’s Picks” segment of “Fox NFL Sunday,” where comedian Frank Caliendo predicts the outcomes of four games. A graphic appeared on-screen that read, “People Bob Costas is Taller* than,” along with an NBC logo. After a staged fight in which he knocked Caliendo down, Costas said, “I guess that takes care of this hack for at least one week. Unfortunately for you guys, you’re stuck with him all season. Good luck.” Caliendo was impersonating John Madden during the skit.- SBD

I missed it because I was watching a 10-year old reference Joe Namath, but that seems a little over the top doesn’t it (If anyone saw it live please leave your thoughts in the comments)? While it may be a tad bit funny it’s pretty ballsy to go on another network and talk bad about one of your Announcers.

FOX’s Coordinating Producer Scott Ackerson has already responded by stating, “Our philosophy is if you’re in the arena of NFL coverage, you’re fair game.” Hmm, I wonder how NBC feels about it.

Bob Costas on Fox (For One Day) (Fanhouse)

(Photo and Quote via Sports Business Daily)

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