(posted by OMDQ)

An iPhone-related conversation involving Joe Morgan, Jon Miller and Peter Gammons is, as one might expect, highly amusing.

What’s more amusing? When Miller decides to poke a little fun at his broadcast partner’s legendary fear of electronics:

“Joe, there’s a phone without even having a cord on it…you should get one.”

That’s it, Jon. I know we’ve had our differences in this space before, and I’m not sure I can ever forget the way you vainly tried to connect Chien-Ming Wang to Ron Guidry, but that, sir, is a good first step toward earning back the trust of every baseball fan in America.

Almost as great? Seconds later, when Joe responded, “I am getting one,” then paused for about ten seconds before adding, “It’s not for me. It’s for my daughter.” As if the world might cease to exist if he purchased an electronic device for himself. (Note: it might.)

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