From AZ Sports Hub via Fanhouse comes this hilarious quote from Adam Dunn on not being traded and The Brennamans.

While he’s happy to still be a Red, he says wait until September 1st when he’ll be just about fed up with the media telling him he’s already gone….

“It bothers my mom more than me,” Dunn said. “My family hates the Brennamans (broadcasters Marty and Thom) and Jeff Brantley. If George Grande and Chris Welsh aren’t doing the television games, they won’t watch. That’s sad.”

Ha….I love that he just threw in Brantley for good measure. Amen Adam…Amen. If T(h)om tells me one more time why a National League Team “bunts in this situation because the pitcher bats in this league”, I’m coming through the TV for you Brenda.

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