ESPN is holding a Live Televised Draft tonight at 6:30 that you need to watch. Last year’s was highlighted by Suzy Kolber (at least I think it was her) taking Brett Favre in the 1st Round, so you know this one is going to be good. Your hosts for the evening are Trey Wingo, Merrill Hoge, and fantasy guru Matthew Barry. But that’s not what’s important. It’s the contestants that we care about right?

Tampa Bay Linebacker, Cato June (That’s the biggest player you could get?)
Sean Salisbury (Too easy…pass.)
Michael Smith (I’m pretty sure you’ve got this one locked up Mikey)
Mark Schlereth (The Guiding Light has Stinky picking all offensive lineman. You get points for pancakes right?)
Steve Young (Concussions cause Young to draft Roger Craig in the 1st)
Chris Mortensen (A close 2nd)
Comedian and Contributor Nick Bakay (Ugh.)

….and my personal favorite. You may know him from such films as Kangaroo Jack, Tom Cats, Body Shots, and the Emmy Nominated…Mission to Mars. Ladies and Gentlemen…..


Yes! As if he didn’t overachieve enough with Rebecca Romijn….he now gets a fantasy spot on ESPN? Life just isn’t fair. And could that league be any smaller? Just look at this motley crew (click for larger view)…..

P.S.- I know you read blogs Michael Smith, and if you read this one I have something to tell you. If you don’t run away with this league I’m going to make fun of you for a solid 2-month span. You have my word.

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