I know I said I was never going to mention Shrutebag’s nonsense on this site again, but this is just about the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Remember the guy that sued all of those stars from jail trying to get $25 Million? Well he’s back and he’s going after Shrutebag.

In fact this is a pretty accurate description of Cowherd and his show.

Via Deadspin…. (Click for Larger)

There’s so many good items in there, but my favorite has to be, “Cowherd has a secret affair with Amanda from the show, saw them at a Ohio State Best Western together. Fish comes from the bottom of Salt Lake, Cowherd lies on the show, claims he goes to the gym after work, instead I saw him at Starbucks with Lloyd Carr.”

Hi-Lar-E-Us. Someone needs to get this guy his own TV show.

Inmate Sues Schrutebag For “Ear Poisoning” (Deadspin)