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One said that he wanted to “take this opportunity to speak from the heart” and that he “found Jesus.” The other went from moderately heavy tears to matter-of-fact confession and back again in roughly 1.3 seconds.

So who was more sincere, Awful Announcing readers? Michael Vick, for his “no notes” apology after pleading guilty to dog fighting charges, or Marion Jones, for her tearful words after pleading guilty to lying to federal investigators?

(Regarding the Marion Jones video: she finishes speaking at the four minute mark and the Fox News analyst breaks in with a voiceover. Enjoy as the uninformed moron in the studio tries to explain that Jones, unlike Barry Bonds, did not deny using steroids but rather stood up in front of everyone, pleaded guilty, and apologized for her actions. He conveniently forgets to mention that she has publicly and vehemently denied steroid allegations for years, to everyone who asked…including the federal investigators to whom she is guilty of lying.)

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