We’re only going with the Ugly today, and we’re going to utilize some help since yours truly was out of the loop for most of the weekend. Oh and can someone please tell me when the hell Matt Millen is going to be fired?!?!

The Ugly: (Help from the The 26th Man)

I only saw part of this game, but The 26th Man was all over Joe Morgan’s assinine ass. He apparently told Miller that he was an “amazing” football player in his day. Of course you were Joe…of course you were. Onto the quotes….all from the 26th Man…..

“You can’t hit a three-run homer leading off the inning.”- JM, There’s our Joe!
Miller calls the hole on the right side a “yawning chasm.”- JMill, Umm what?
Miller just called the Padres’ first inning “devastating.”- JMill, It’s the first Johnny….calm down.
Johnny Miller says runners have “stolen 41 bases off of Young this year, most in the majors.” Morgan says, “I don’t need a statistic to tell me that Young is slow to the plate.” Hahaha, yep you don’t need statistics Morgan. Love it.
Unintentional irony alert: Morgan and Miller are riffing on baseball cliches. They’ve referenced the “one game at a time” and “pants on one leg at a time”. How can the Kings of Cliche even try to make a joke about that?

Great work by Jeff at The 26th Man…..too funny.

My own personal Ugly of the weekend………

“Oh! You guys have got to watch this show!!!! Any one who is married has to watch this show it’s hilarious”- Tony Siragusa, He is referring to Brad Garrett’s show ‘Til Death. Now if I ever watch that show please shoot me in the face. And Goose…..calm the hell down will you? You’re going to have a heart attack out there.