So this is an all college edition since I was at the Skins/Jags for most of the day yesterday. Great game and it made up for spending a ton of money and watching the Skins blow it in the Monday Night opener. Anyways let’s get into this because there’s a lot to talk about today.

The Good:

Sean McDonough continues to become one of my favorite announcers. Not only did he call the Sid Bream play at the plate in 1992 and the Joe Carter walk off homer the following year……he is better at english than I’ll ever be. He used the correct pronunciation of the word for multiple stadiums…..“STADIA”.

I heard him say this and was going to jump all over him for making up a word, but it’s actually the correct way to say it. Who knew?

The Bad:

During Virginia Tech’s annual “We scheduled so many crap ass teams at the beginning of the season, and once we play a good team, we lose” game…..Brad Nessler and Bob Griese had this exchange…..

Nessler: “And a great play on D for Georgia Tech by a great player”
Griese: “He’s Somoan!”
McGuire: (silence)

Getting McGuire to shut up about anything is an amazing feat, but that comment was so awkward. He was talking about DT Leati Joseph Anoai who amazingly comes from a family of former pro wrestlers including……The Rock, Rikishi, The Wild Somoans, Jimmy Snuka, and Yokozuna (RIP).

The Ugly:

This wasn’t even close. During the Notre Dame/Purdue game Tom Hammond spent a good 3-4 making me question his motives. In an amazing feat he made Brady Quinn come out of the closet with two back-to-back comments.

First comment came when he told millions of people that Quinn “shaves his arms and legs” (I can’t think of anything more embarassing. Maybe someone getting a collection of your poems or something)

Second was even more funny…..“Quinn is the pitcher and (Rhema) McKight is the cather.”

Whoa Tommy….slow down. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you can’t hit me with those back to back like that. Good weekend though for Announcers…..if anyone has any pro highlights feel free to throw them in the comments or send me an email.

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