A few facts about me that you need to know before I tell you about some changes to the site:

1) I was not a journalism major in college.
2) I do not “hate” all announcers, commentators, sportscenter hosts, and writers (just most).

3) I am only one person on this site…..and I work a full-time job.
4) I love all commenters……good and bad.
5) I’m an alcoholic, and most of the posts I write when I’m drunk.

(One of those isn’t true) Now that all of that has been said…..here’s my point. The grammar police thing is a little annoying. If something bothers you that much…..just send me an email and I will fix it. In fact, I will thank you for noticing it.

I’m not going to delete past ones, but I am getting rid of Anonymous comments on the site. If you are going to bash me I’d at least like to know who you are.

Unlike most of the writers/announcers that I review/critique…..I don’t get paid to do this. If you want to be my “official” editor please submit your resume to bspowell@gmail.com. I can only pay you in Hugs and alcohol though.

A few things that will never change on this site: My disdain, comments won’t be deleted, it is highly unlikely that I will have advertising on the site, and I will always link to your site if you post a comment (good or bad).


Also you may notice that I’ve been taking a lot more writers to task as of late. Simple reason……it’s easier to scour websites than watch 10 baseball games in a night. So I hope you enjoy the changes. And if you don’t you can at least enjoy these links.

Flashwarner, Even British women hate our announcers.

The Gatorade Dump lays into Simmons on the Poker side of things. He knows a lot more about the game than I do.

The Mighty MJD made my day with this photo.

Thundermatt My favorite aspect of that site (even thought there are many). I’m a sucker for 80s baseball cards.

A Simmons review coming tomorrow (it’s a mailbag, and it’s pretty good)