Let me start by saying that the Clippers/Suns game ended at 220am, so I might not be entirely on my game (as if I ever am). With that said I’m so glad I did not miss that game.

  • Two overtimes
  • Jack Nicholson at a Clippers game, and not sitting in the front row. He apparently flew over on a jet with James L. Brooks (Simpsons and my fav Spanglish!) and pulled second row seats for a Suns game. Pretty Impressive.
  • Jack Nicholson saying to Carl Sager (interviewer in the crowd) that he was only there to make sure Charles Barkley didn’t get rough with his man Kobe during halftime. (Somehow Kobe never showed and is coming on tonight) Everything this guy says is cool.
  • Billy Crystal not sitting in the front row either but with a guy who looked like a gay Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
  • Penny Marshall looking HUGE and being yelled at by drunk Suns Fans.
  • A ridiculous shot by Raja Bell to force the first overtime (somehow Dunleavy thought he had to give Daniel Ewing some PT with the game on the line)
  • I won three bets on the game
  • Going into a commercial they played Hoobastank and then the commercial had a P.O.D. song for the new X-Men video game. Good combo there TNT. (sad thing is I saw them in concert together)
  • And some of the worst coaching I’ve seen in awhile. All around it was amazing

Side Note: How do these coaches still have jobs? Short list: Norv Turner, Marty Shot, Rick Adelman (Guess he doesn’t), Dunleavy, Mike Martz…..etc.

Here’s the Dunleavy blunder. With the Clippers up three, and ready to suck all of the life out of the American Airlines arena, Dunleavy decides to go with a lineup of Quinton Ross, Daniel Ewing, Shaun Livingston, Cuttino Mobley, and Walter McCarty. That’s right Walter “I’m somehow still in the league” McCarty. Apparently this was his idea of a genius defensive lineup. Here’s the kicker though they had a foul to give! Meaning they could just shove whoever got the ball into the crowd and the Suns would have to take the ball out again with under 1 second. But instead the genius substitution Ewing lets Raja Bell get the sideline (another idiotic move when the Suns have to shoot a 3) and he nails the shot.

I just don’t understand how you don’t foul. It happened when Damon Jones beat the Wizards, and it happened in the Mavs/Spurs series. Makes no sense. Here’s a great quote from Sam Cassell, “We had a young guy in the game. It’s not his fault that Raja made his shot, but we’ve got to know better in that situation,” Cassell said. “We’ve got a foul to give, we’ve got to put Raja Bell in the fifth row with the popcorn man, but we didn’t do it.”

I’ll be back later today with the announcing woes (and there are some gems) of one Paul Douglas Collins (Doug Collins) who is slowly creeping up my chart of most hated people ever.

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