So Joseph Buck is doing double duty these days. Last Thursday the ever overdone Fox Sports had the Colts and Rams for their opening game this preseason…..and Buck was as weird as ever.

The Team for the Pregame and Halftime Shows is just plain stellar. With JB gone Fox is apparently trying out Terry Bradshaw as the Show’s lead. Fox….I’m warning you now….This will not work. Howie and The Leprechaun will leave him hanging out there. Also, speaking of overdone….if you count ever member that Fox has talking on the show at one point, the number reaches 7. Seems like a lot to me, but especially when one of those is a second sideline reporter in Chris Meyers.

Side Note: To me, Joe Buck in football is much worse than Joe Buck in Baseball. It seems like he rushes football calls and goes crazy after each great play. Actually he’s miserable at both, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Onto the Announcing…..

First hilarious part happened right away. The Pregame Team sent it up to JB in the booth as they congratulated Troy Aikman on the HOF. Well Joe Buck went to give a serious speech, and right as he paused after saying, “I speak for everyone here when I say……” C&C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now” just blared over the loudspeakers. I did a spit take on that one.

The second one also happened right away with the sideline reporters combining with Buck to create one of the most awkward comments ever aired.

Pam Oliver was on the Colts sideline said her piece, and then passed it over to Chris Meyers by saying, “And onto the other sideline with the ever cool Chris Meyers” Well Chris didn’t blink and just went right into his say on the Rams, and passed it back to Buck. And that’s when it got weird…….

“You are cool……you are the epitome of cool…..Pam Oliver is right you are cool Chris Meyers!”- Joe Buck

I don’t even know where to start on that one. I think Troy Aikman just took two steps away from him and went into the standard “Peyton Manning won’t be remembered as a great QB until he wins the Big One” comment. Too funny.

The only other gaf I noticed was on the first drive of the game….

“And the Colts come out in the no-huddle like it’s December”- Joe Buck

Is it just me or are the Colts in the No-Huddle almost every play??? Hmm I thought so.

The total Fox package is like MTV now. The gay ass robot is still hanging around, and they have about 50 people roaming the sidelines. But to their credit they smallasized the score at the top of the screen, and overall Aikman isn’t that bad. He is a bit of a homer when he does Cowboys games and a tad bit boring, but he knows what he’s talking about. But I hate him, so I will continue to make fun of him. Sorry about the career Troy…..ESPN’s preview coming tomorrow. That should be fun……

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