Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 11 Edition


Pammy winners from Week 9 and 10 are here! Sorry for its tardiness, but now that those are in the rearview, let’s continue updating the week 11 pam ward chronicles with awful announcing you hear on this fine fall/wintery Saturday.  Here is your full announcing schedule.

Craig James really just said “allegations will not impact my Heisman vote for Cam Newton”. (via Sctvman)

“high-points it at its highest point” — Jesse Palmer (via Sctvman)

“This is a ball that Sunseri just has to eat and throw away.” – Jesse Palmer. (via Sctvman)

“Shilo Keo got a mouthful of Doug Martin!” - Joe Tessitore (via Sctvman)

NBA – Kevin Love is a “love machine.” — Mike Yam (via Sctvman) during SportsCenter update