A 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck Los Angeles last night during the Dodgers-Angels game.  By the way, this was an exhibition game even though the Dodgers have already started their regular season with 2 games in Australia.  Makes sense, right?

Anyways, Vin Scully was at the mic at Dodger Stadium when the quake hit in the bottom of the 6th inning.  The camera begins shaking violently while play never stops and Scully keeps everyone (at least those people who actually get TWC) watching calm.

Vin Scully is amazing.  An earthquake hits Dodger Stadium and Vin merely tells everyone it was a tremor and launches into a story about the famous 1989 earthquake in San Francisco like there’s a beach ball on the field.

The next time we have a national crisis, let’s have Vin Scully talk us through it.  Everything is made better with Vin Scully.

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