Even though Brent Musburger was shuffled aside by ESPN out of his premier job as the top college football announcer, he’s still living life to the fullest.  That much was clear when the camera just so happened to pan to three very attractive Iowa State co-eds in the crowd at the Big XII Tournament.

If you thought Brent Musburger was infatuated with Katherine Webb, just wait until you hear Brent’s reaction when he has three women in the crowd to direct his admiration.  What a coincidence that the camera would just happen to come upon them randomly like that!  The “oh yea!” from Brent here is definitely one for the history books.  It’s like he knows that at this point in his career he has free reign to do whatever he pleases.  Next he’ll be openly cheering his bets on air.  (Wait a second…)

If hearing Brent Musburger ogle these ladies doesn’t kill the selfie once and for all, I don’t know what will.

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