The first (and best) photobomb fail of 2014

The Red Wings and Maple Leafs celebrated the NHL's Winter Classic with a record crowd at The Big House in Ann Arbor on New Year's Day with 105,491 fans.

One of those thousands and thousands of fans tried to photobomb WJBK's Jennifer Hammond, who was filing a report outside the stadium.  That's not unusual – photobombing was all the rage in 2013 right up there with twerking and selfies.  

Watch as "Gordie Howe jersey guy" goes for the extravagant photobomb and manages to wipe out on the ice in full view of the camera.  Perhaps 2014 will see karma finally catching up to the legions of bozos trying to get their mug on the local news.  If you are planning a photobomb in 2014 though, at least know your terrain so you don't end up on your keister.

Matt Yoder

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