Jay Glazer's home was burglarized on Monday night, and the FOX Sports NFL insider took to Twitter to describe the aftermath.

First, he broke the news.

Then, he threatened the perpetrators.

He issued a pre-emptive strike against comparisons to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who was robbed of about $250,000 in cash and possessions just a few days ago.

That didn't stop the inevitable Twitter trolls from laughing at Glazer for his misfortune.

Glazer then explained he was using Twitter to pass the time while police carried out the investigation.

So what was the damage?

Glazer continued to respond to questions and comments (some of which were inflammatory), but the story eventually took a positive turn.

Glazer has not tweeted since offering this final message last night.

No word on whether or not any arrests have been made, but given Glazer's MMA background it's probably in the perpetrator's best interest Glazer doesn't find them first.

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