One of the pitfalls of doing a reality TV show is that the cameras record everything. They not only record the good moments, but the bad moments as well. For Ryan Lochte, cameras were present when his girlfriend of four years called him and dumped over the phone. While we didn't hear the actual conversation, the moment the phone rang and the aftermath of the call were seen on "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" Well, we know what Ryan did after he got dumped, he drowned his sorrows with beer. 

What's interesting is that regular viewers to the show (whichever are left) saw Lochte's girlfriend, Jaimee Hollier, three weeks prior. Some background, Hollier and Lochte were an item for four years, but only saw each other a few times a year as she lives in the UK and of course, Lochte resides in the U.S.

Whether Hollier decided that the long-distance relationship wasn't working or she thought the idea of being on Lochte's reality show wasn't for her, dumping him over the phone was her next option. Granted, being dumped over the phone isn't ideal, but when you're in a long-distance relationship, it was probably her only choice. Maybe she could have done it over Skype or FaceTime, but then she risked seeing Lochte throw a lamp at the screen.

In any event, it made for some rather interesting television, but it's not known if it was enough to save the show's sinking ratings. 

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