#2 Florida State defeating Idaho 80-14 over the weekend, which is a big enough joke in and of itself.  It probably didn't need this swing and a miss at attempted humor from Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi.

After one of many Seminole touchdowns, Bianchi tried to insert a joke about the sexual assault accusations facing FSU quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Jameis Winston.  He did it with the deftness and finesse of a monster truck.  There's just not too many ways you can easily fit "DNA sample" into a football context…


Sports columnists trying to impersonate stand-up comedians almost never works.  Bianchi did what every other embarrassed sportswriter does in this situation – he deleted the tweet.  Amazing how that never works, isn't it?  At least he apologized for the tweet.

Let this be a note to other prospective would-be comics – it's never a wise idea to try to use sexual assault investigations as a source for humor.  There's a better way to get through watching an Idaho football game. 

[H/T Lost Letterman]

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