Here is an amazing clip from Sunday's Dodgers-Braves game where comedian and voice actor Hank Azaria announces the Dodgers starting lineup as three different characters from The Simpsons.  Azaria seamlessly rolls through Moe, Apu, and Chief Wiggum just like you would hear them in Springfield, even throwing in Moe the Bartender's attempted pronounciation of Yasiel Puig's name.  (If only he could have thrown in a "Seymour Butts" reference too.)

There's a few things that bug me about this clip though – A) The TOTAL lack of fan reaction to the brilliance on display.  Are there that few people there at Dodger Stadium or are they just totally oblivious to classic television characters coming alive before their eyes?  B) The tense string music can probably be saved for the Miami Heat's pregame introduction.  And C) Police Chief "Wiggins?"  C'mon Dodgers PA guy.  Hopefully next time Hank Azaria takes the field he gets more respect than Frank Grimes.


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