During halftime of Ohio State's eventual 50-43 win over Wisconsin in the B1G Tournament Final, Bo Ryan gave a 17-second interview to CBS's Tracy Wolfson that left more than a lot to be desired.

Check it out and remember his team was actually leading by 1 at the time…

We get that he is upset his team blew most of a 9 point lead, but he needs to check his attitude at the door. Is it really that challenging for Bo Ryan to not be a jerk to somebody trying to do a difficult job when he knows beforehand he's giving this interview to CBS? Lots of coaches blow leads going into the half, and as stressed out as they are, still manage to put on their media-friendly, charming, "ra-ra, we can totally come back" face, and give a decent interview. 

Ryan, however, stares blankly at Wolfson while she tries to get him to elaborate on what adjustments the team needs to make.

"Well, (Ohio State) made some shots." And the adjustment, Coach?

"Try to keep them from making shots."

Wow. Thank you Bo Ryan for that insight. Definitely worth the $2.1 million the university forks over to you every year. Not only does he look like The Grinch (I'm serious, Google it!) but he's now acting like one too. Gregg Popovich does the angry sideline interview so much better.

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