For reasons unbeknownst to advanced societies, Texas A&M University felt it was necessary to make a frightening SEC Pride Youtube video.  Why?  Hopefully children in the great state of Texas will study the reasons in the years and generations to come so as to not replicate the horrors seen above.  Everything about this video is so perfectly awful in every way.  For one, the outtakes are equally as long as the actual video.  Then, you have these poor A&M students.  Were they all one credit short of graduation and forced into doing "Cheers From Around The SEC" in order to receive their degree?  The "passion" and "feeling" is evident as students take their turn and really own their roles of SEC fans from around the conference.  Go Cocks, and Tigers, and Vols, indeed.  Thankfully A&M didn't go the extra mile and replicate the most infamous incidents of SEC fandom.  The appearance from the A&M President announcing the arrival of "Tex-em" University and his thumbs up like it's some sort of used car commercial is just the cherry on top of this sundae of misfortune.

If there's anything that says to Alabama and LSU, please, beat us 77-0 like Oklahoma did, this is it.

(H/T Crystal Ball Run)

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