Is a cartoon version of Colin Cowherd more annoying and obnoxious than the real thing? You can see for yourself right here in this 'cartoonized' commercial for a local liquor store called "Maximum Beverage" in West Hartford, Connecticut. 

I don't personally find this to be funny at all, but perhaps I am being swayed by the massive internal bias I have against everything Colin Cowherd. You can watch the commercial to judge for yourself:

I don't know where Maximum Beverage found the budget for what must have been a monumental appearance fee, but I can't say the final output of potential increased sales is likely to be anywhere near what it cost them.  Well, unless Colin did the commercial for free… which is about as likely as me starring in the next major motion picture alongside Jennifer Lawrence. If anything, I'd think that having Cowherd as a spokesperson might actually hurt your company's sales!

[H/T: bigleadsports]

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