Alabama defeated LSU in the third or fourth Game of the Century between the two schools with a late touchdown drive to win 21-17 in Baton Rouge.  But AJ McCarron's touchdown drive, pictures of him crying, the failure of Les Miles' magic tricks, or even Lolo Jones' College GameDay appearance weren't the most interesting story to emerge from the game.

That title, once again, belongs to former Saints QB and current Louisiana media personality Bobby Hebert.  The Ragin Cajun has made somewhat of a name for himself nationally for his zany antics involving LSU games.  Last year it was his 48 second "question" to Les Miles after last year's BCS title game loss.  This year, Hebert was kicked out of the Tiger Stadium press box for cheering too much and disrupting people being paid to cover the game objectively.  From Pat Forde at Yahoo

"At a key juncture in the fourth quarter of the LSU-Alabama game Saturday night, former New Orleans Saints quarterback and current radio talk-show host Bobby Hebert was escorted out of the Tiger Stadium press box for excessive cheering.

Hebert and Alabama make for a combustible mix. He famously berated LSU coach Les Miles in the postgame press conference after LSU's 21-0 loss to the Crimson Tide last January in the BCS Championship Game.

On Saturday night, Hebert was warned repeatedly about violating working press box decorum and cheering for the Tigers. Finally, LSU associate athletic director Herb Vincent informed Hebert that he had to leave the press box, and a uniformed police officer escorted him out."

Hebert was asked to leave Baton Rouge Saturday for breaking the sacred rule of "no cheering in the press box," which is a no-no for professional sports media types.  Personally, I can't imagine it being much worse than Lou Holtz openly cheering for Notre Dame every week, but whatever.  Of course, this wouldn't even be the first time Hebert made news for cheering in a press box.  There was this classic video from a Saints game a couple years back of Bobby losing control, and, well, being Bobby…

No word on if Hebert's breaking of "press box decorum" included any obscene gestures this time around.  Unfortunately, being kicked out of the stadium meant Hebert wasn't around to ask Les Miles about not being more aggressive in trying to pick up a first down instead of settling for a long field goal on their next-to-last possession.  He also couldn't ask about the complete breakdown of LSU's defense on Alabama's two minute drive.  Oh well, maybe Bobby Hebert was waiting for Les Miles at his car in the parking lot to get those vital questions answered.


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