The conversation that started with Bob Costas' SNF essay on the Jovan Belcher tragedy and guns is continuing on another one of Costas' programs – Costas Tonight.  Thursday at 9 PM, Costas will deliver his year-end Costas Tonight show that will include a roundtable discussion with Charles Barkley and John McEnroe that builds off the now famous halftime commentary from Sunday.

The segment with Barkley and McEnroe was taped yesterday in New York and includes their thoughts on the gun culture in sports.  Barkley in particular offers honest commentary on the subject saying he feels safer when carrying a gun.  Below is a preview clip of the segment from NBC…

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Costas is also appearing on Bill O'Reilly tonight as a guest in addition to appearing on MSNBC last night and giving an interview to the New York Times.  Outside the Olympics, this may be the most publicity the broadcaster has ever received.  Costas Tonight's ratings haven't quite given NBCSN the boost they imagined, but this should be by far the highest rated show in the series given the way this story has exploded since Sunday.

As I've maintainted since Sunday, a venue like this is an ideal place to continue this conversation that needs to take place without partisans and people only looking out for their interests polluting the waters and distorting the serious dialogue.  I just hope others follow suit and don't let the story come to a conclusion with the oversimplified back and forth over Costas' 90 seconds from Sunday.

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