Announcer’s stool breaks during opening segment, hilarity ensues

Xavier hosted Dayton this past weekend in A-10 action and CBS Sports Network was there to cover the game with announcers James Bates and Steve Wolf.  The game ended with a Xavier victory in overtime, but it was what happened before the game that will live forever in infamy.  Watch as an excited Bates welcomes the CBS audience to the arena as his stool breaks and he goes crashing to the hardwood.  

James Bates is actually an interesting story.  He joined CBS Sports Network from The Mtn in 2011 and is perhaps most notable as a defensive captain for the 1996 Florida Gators national championship team as a linebacker.  His father Jim and brother Jeremy both coached in the NFL.  In this instance, his football background definitely came in handy as he shakes off the fall still ready to rock and even more excited for the game.  He even seamlessly fits the broken stool into his open!

Bravo James, for providing one of the funniest moments of the year, and handling it like a champ.

Matt Yoder

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