In the newest AA Podcast we welcome Tony Dungy of NBC’s Football Night In America.  Tony won a Super Bowl as a player with the Pittsburgh Steelers and as a coach with the Indianapolis Colts.  He’s also a best selling author with his first book Quiet Strength selling well over a million copies.  For the last few years, he’s been a fixture on NBC’s Football Night In America and helped make it the premier pregame show in the NFL.  In the podcast, Tony chats with AA about…

-The challenges he still faces as an analyst
-Tim Tebow and how his faith impacts his public persona
-Will Peyton Manning be in a Colts uniform next year and beyond?
-Which QB Tony would take heading into the Super Bowl: Brady or Eli?
-How to stop Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.
-What the Giants and Patriots need to do to win the Super Bowl.
-Will he ever leave the studio and head back to the sidelines?

All that and even more NFL topics with one of the most respected voices in sports on this edition of the AA Podcast.  Follow Tony on Twitter here and check out all of our podcasts on ITunes.


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