The old Baseball Tonight studio is going, going, gone. At the 10 p.m show tonight, they will debut their new “gem” of a studio that is obviously wildly extravagant. Here’s some of the highlights ganked from ESPN.

  • approximately 5,000 square feet, the largest ESPN sport-specific studio;
  • 19 40-inch LCD monitors and seven 70-inch LCD monitors will be used, all of which can feed separate video streams;
  • the anchor desk will contain three seamless monitors which can include graphics, headshots and logos;
  • two LED displays (8’6” x 12’6”) which can showcase standings, results and editorially-driven graphics;
  • an enhanced demo field including a figurative baseball diamond and a dimensional pitcher’s mound;
  • the new Baseball Tonight set is located in Studio A, first opened in 1995 as the home of a wide variety of ESPN studio shows including Baseball Tonight

The MLB Network studio is actually a little bit gaudier. You can read the specific details, here, but these are some of their highlights.

“The 5,600-square-foot Studio 3, the primary home for MLB Tonight, features 62 video displays. They include a 30-by-7-foot rear projection screen, a 108-inch LCD monitor from Sharp…”

Here’s my personal 3 up, 3 down in regards to the new set.

3 UP

– “Enhanced demo area.” Few things provide unintentional comedy like analysts in full suits doing demonstrations.

– “Anchor desk will contain three seemless monitors…” Good, now all Molinas can be seen at once.

– At 7 seconds in you’ll spot a bat rack for the analysts. This is completely necessary and not a waste of anyone’s money or effort.


– Style wise, it is very similar to the MLB Network studio.

– I did not see any dungeon where Tim Kurkjian usually is kept. Apparently he’ll be allowed to roam freely without restriction.

– A lot of really nice stuff for a roster of largely forgettable analysts.

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