Only 4 First Round matchups remain with 3/4 of the 2nd Round Draw already filled as the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament works its way from 32 to 16.  With the weekend’s battles wrapped up, here’s the list of 12 names that have made it so far.

Skip Bayless, Rick Reilly, Tony Siragusa, Thom Brennaman, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Chris Berman, Pierre McGuire, Craig James, Joe Theismann, Mark May, and Jim Gray.

The first of today’s matchups see two men that have shared many a set together on ESPN’s NBA coverage.  The slow resurrection of the career of Stephen’ A. Smith cements itself with an appearance in the JMMT field.  He takes his unique abilities against NBA studio host and SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott in a matchup of two men whose glory days have well passed them by.  

Stephen A. Smith vs Stuart Scott


Stephen A. Smith

Fact File: ESPN NBA reporter/analyst/debater… well, actually he’s not around that much anymore

Why He’s Here: Stephen A. is a hard man to find these days.  After the mistake that was Quite Frankly and his period of overexposure, Smith faded away.  Somehow, he has a job hosting shows on ESPN Radio in New York and Los Angeles and still makes the sporadic TV appearance.  It’s enough for us to give Screamin’ A. a place on the list.


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Stuart Scott

Fact File: ESPN’s NBA studio host, NBA Draft anchor, MNF anchor, and occasional SportsCenter anchor

Why He’s Here: We wish all the best for Scott’s cancer treatment, but we must be honest in critiquing his abilities as a television personality.  Boo-yah was en vogue a decade ago, but Scott’s shelf life as a legitimate television host has passed its due date.  His anchoring skills were exposed at the latest NBA Draft where jokes were met with silence, information was gotten wrong, and Stuart was left behind.


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Stephen A. Smith d. Stuart Scott 51.45% – 48.55% 

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