In a story that’s sure to make waves across the blogosphere (rightly or wrongly), ESPN’s Jenn Brown announced on Twitter that she is going to be the sideline reporter at the College World Series in Omaha.  Does baseball technically have sidelines?  I’m confused.  Anyways, that wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but that job did belong to one Erin Andrews.  Now, is the sideline job at the College World Series a huge news story… no.  

However, any news of one popular ESPN personality replacing another in any job is bound to be a story in this current environment of Those Guys Have All The Fun.  And, when probably the most popular ESPN personality of them all, Erin Andrews, is replaced in anything, it will be a big story.  I can see EA fans asking questions about Jenn Brown replacing her on this job or thoughts that maybe Brown is becoming the new favorite among female sideline reporters.  In fact, Jenn Brown has been pegged as “the next Erin Andrews” since she first started appearing on the sidelines.

In the hype surrounding Those Guys, Erin Andrews vs Michelle Beadle is one of the most interesting stories/feuds to come out of the book, with Deadspin referring to sides being taken in the showdown between Bristol bombshells.  Of course, a headline like that will draw eyeballs and interest.  Now, with Jenn Brown seemingly taking a job away from Erin Andrews, expect that pot to be stirred as well.  Of course, EA may have dropped the CWS on her own and it’s very likely that this is a non-story and there is no controversy involved whatsoever… but because of the names involved and the way the news dropped, there will be restlessness and intrigue.  

Too bad Oprah’s now retired, or else all of this ESPN drama could have been sorted out by now.

***Update – Darren Rovell has tweeted that Rob Stone will replace EA on the Scripps National Spelling Bee next week, so that’s two Erin Andrews related news stories.  No word yet why EA is being replaced on these assignments from ESPN. 

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