In the second quarter, Brent Musburger called Kodi Burns’ 35-yard touchdown reception from Cam Newton a touchdown as Burns crossed the five-yard line. There were definitely Oregon defenders in the vicinity, but it was otherwise a pretty safe call by Musburger.

That wasn’t the case in the third quarter when Lavasier Tuinei made an amazing catch at about the 18-yard line and picked up some YAC to the 8-yard line, around where Musburger jumped the gun and called it a touchdown. It wasn’t a touchdown. Oregon wouldn’t score at all, either. They turned it over on downs after four unsuccessful tries inside the 10.

To be fair, Auburn’s McNeal improbably tracked Tuinei down and saved a touchdown, but Musburger should’ve let the play finish.

Here’s Musburger’s premature call (via @bubbaprog with a gracious H/T to Cosby Sweaters):

High! Tuinei, touchdown! Oh, what a… No!