Chargers TE Antonio Gates was at a party for some shoe company called Osiris a while back. Now, the Bolts miss him terribly.

“LaDainian Tomlinson has to play better if Philip Rivers is going to win this game.” Shannon Sharpe, you have lost your goddamned mind. Tomlinson has to get the ball first before he can do anything with it.

Chargers bring out the ball, but it’s brought back due to a block in the back. LDT gets four on the first carry. Rivers hits Chambers for 19 at the 34 yard line. Another big third down pass to Jackson — who goes down at the Titans 33. That’s two consecutive Titans defensive players going down — first Antoine Odom and now Michael Griffin is down after colliding with Jackson.

“That allowed Rivers to pump down the field” – PS (via SSR)

Sounds dirtier than it actually is. Rivers to Chambers again, but there’s a flag — never mind, offsides on the Titans, and the Chargers are at the 11. Chambers again, this time to the 4. No gain for LDT, and it’s third and three from the four. Rivers calls time.

“Their [the Titans’] linemen and linebackers are coming fast forward, downhill.” – PS. Is the Titans’ D VHS or Beta?

Know how much this game sucks? You all are talking FA Cup in the comments. Not that I blame you. Jackson catches it short of the first down line after the time out. And the crowd is booing HARD as NORV! sends Kaeding out to kick a field goal. Kaeding boots it through, it’s now 6-3, Titans. Yawn. By the way, Tomlinson was WIDE OPEN on that pass to Jackson, replays show.

Titans start out, get three yards on a pass to Davis. Body By LenDale gets a few, third down pass is then converted.

If you are sliding around like the dude in this commercial, he doesn’t need to worry about deodorant. He just needs to hope his cup works. – Mal

I love those ads. BBL rushes for a couple more on first down. The Good Chris Henry gets stuffed on the next call. VY has to throw it away on third down, and — yay, another punt — and Sproles brings it to about the SD 23.

Chargers general manager A.J. Smith got a lengthy contract extension recently. How’s that looking right now, Dean Spanos? Rivers to Jackson for 20 plus as LT is still stewing. Tomlinson finally gets a few yards on a swing pass. Gee, Norval realized he can catch the ball too! LT gets a couple more and is tripped up. First down on a short out to LT, who stretches for the spot. Michael Turner gets 3 on his first carry. Albert Haynesworth smacks Rivers up on 2nd down, and there’s a flag — both against Haynesworth for offsides and unnecessary roughness.

Albert you dunce. You stomp on him to make sure he is dead. – SSR

Ouch. Rivers to Jackson, AND WE HAVE END ZONE. FINALLY. Took them long enough. Kick is up and good, 10-6, Chargers.

Tennessee’s moving it out, after a first down, Chris Davis runs the reverse and gets hit hard by Quentin Jammer on the tackle. Ahmad Hall gets 11 on third down and they’re into the SD red zone at the end of the third. Stalled on three straight unsuccessful plays, and it’s Bironas again. 38-yard try is up and…NO GOOD. Rare miss.

Tomlinson is now getting yardage. Not good for the Titans to give up a rushing first down to him for the first time all day. Rivers then overthrows Chambers. He then throws to Manumaleuna, who gets the first down at the 50 yard line. Next play finds Rivers getting hit as soon as he throws; it’s incomplete to Jackson. Rivers air mails it to Chambers, who was wide open and gets inside the 10 yard line. Tomlinson just called time out (play clock, Simms explains), and that’s weird, because isn’t the QB the one who’s supposed to see that and know about it?

I have all of you in comments beat on comparing the accidentally porny signs: Midwesterners know of the convenience store called Kum ‘N Go. Of course, their equivalent of the Big Gulp is the Big Kummie.

Rivers tosses one away, he was trying to hit Tomlinson. He hits LT on the next play, who bobs and weaves just outside the goal line, and is down. NORV!’s gonna challenge that it was short, and it looks a bit short on replay — he’s gonna lose his last time out on this.

Phil Simms is unconscionably stupid. When Nantz has to correct you on the timeout/challenge situation and you PLAYED THE DAMN GAME, you are a stooge. – PM

Amazing. Simms said Norv could call time out and then throw the flag — well, you have to throw the flag first. You can’t throw the challenge flag if you don’t have a time out left. Now, the Bolts are gonna go for it. Give it to LT, morons. Oof. I see premature NORV! Face. Tomlinson….up…over….second push…TOUCHDOWN. Replay shows he had the ball cross the line, but Fisher’s gonna challenge it.

Play stands, kick up and good, 17-6, Chargers. NORV! has some cojones. Who knew?

The Good Chris Henry returns the kickoff to the 20 for the Titans. VY throws out of bounds in the direction of Chris Davis. VY gets plowed by the two Sh(au)wn(e)s, and then gets sacked again by Phillips and Luis Castillo. Hentrich punts to Sproles, fair catch at the 47 of SD.

We get old AFL highlights between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Houston Oilers, which has got to piss off Houston people like crazy right now. Michael Turner gets 11 yards on the carry. Tomlinson got the go-ahead touchdown and he still looks pissed. Turner hits the corner for the first down, but there’s a flag and it’s probably on Vincent Jackson — yup, holding.

Jesus, we’re in the old-school highlight montage and there are 5 minutes or so left in this game. Can this game end soon? Tennessee is trapped deep in its own end, and it’s pretty much a hopeless case. Chargers get the ball back by Drayton Florence picking off Vince Young, Marlon McCree causes a 15-yard penalty with a block below the waist, Chargers have it at the Titans 34 or so. More Roger mentions — two, three drinks will get you caught up.

Dear Jerry Angelo,

Please sign Michael Turner this offseason. – PM

Hah. That’s cute. You think the Bears will spend money.

Watch me lie on 60 Minutes, coming up next on CBS – Roger Clemens.

Hey, Rocket, thanks for joining us! OK, we’re done here at 17-6, Chargers. This Chargers team is so getting its ass handed to it by Indy next Sunday. Visit Signal to Noise some time, why don’t you, and I’ll see you all next weekend — hopefully by then I can deal with the reality that NORV! has won another playoff game, somehow.