You’re going to have to bear with me as I change my Sports team hatred over real quick….OSU Football-Out, Duke Basketball- In (I kid I kid), but seriously was anyone else aware that Duke is getting nine more fouls (5 tonight) called for them a game? Were you also aware that Greg Paulus learned his acting skills from a combination Manu Ginobili and Marlon Brando?

I spliced these together so they’d fit on the clip, but they happened on back-to-back possessions…..

Neither the refs or the announcers could get the call(s) right at all and Duke ended up running away with a game that should have gone to the wire. My favorite part of the whole clip is when Mike Patrick says that Paulus gets hit in the back of the head and the kid grabs his nose (this isn’t the first time that Patrick has fallen for Paulus either).

Seriously, Paulus needs his SAG card after that set of performances.