A week ago everyone was talking about the “Emperors New Clothes” Presentation that detailed how ESPN isn’t helping leagues that move to the network. Many people including myself guessed that it was probably a rival network and that turns out to be the case. The network in question?


And yet, the PowerPoint — too bad it’s not a “dossier” — is anonymous. A mole at work? A cutout?

Trust no one. In one e-mailed copy you could hit “file” and “properties” in the Microsoft file and the author is listed as “Fox Networks Group.”

That might mean nothing given we’re in a world where ratings are terminated with extreme prejudice. Any agent provocateur wanting to sanitize the document could name Fox — which had no comment Thursday — to prevent blowback.

I guess alls fair in love, war, and Sports Broadcasting. To consider FOX a rival of ESPN (like I did above) is probably a little generous as well. Rivals sort of need to be on the same playing field, and FOX clearly isn’t in ESPN’s league at this point. Kind of a dick move if you ask me, but what else are they going to do at this point?

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