Warning to all bar owners in the Washington DC area, you’re going to have a riot on your hands if you participate in Earth Hour. It’s not that I’m against the environment or anything, but this figures to be a bad idea….

At Buffalo Wild Wings on East Beltline Avenue NE, the timing could not be worse: Earth Hour falls right in the middle of tonight’s NCAA basketball regionals.

And nothing — not even an hour to help save the planet — will stand between 310 beer-drinking basketball fans and 39 TVs.

“I never heard anything about it,” restaurant Manager Tony Doud said.

Earth Hour is similar to Earth Day, only 1/24th the duration. At 8 p.m., organizers from the World Wildlife Fund are asking everyone to turn off nonessential lights to call attention to climate change. They hope a symbolic wave of darkness sweeps across the world, time zone by time zone.

More than 30 major cities around the world have signed up. Coca-Cola Co. will turn off its Times Square billboard in New York City. Niagara Falls will go dark. Three hours later, lights will go out on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

That’s good Tony Doud of Grand Rapids, Michigan. You keep it that way too! Seriously though, could they (tree huggers natch) have picked a worse time of the year to decide to do this?

Basketball figures to be bad for Earth Hour (M Live)