4:25 – I gotta say that Colvin’s INT was just awesome athletically, as the Pats’ O gets going. Despite pressure, he hurls another one to Gaffney for a first, and Simms is slurping on cue.

One More Dying Quail said…”So are there three facemask violations? The five-yarder, the fifteen-yarder, and the one where LaDainian Tomlinson can put his hand on it and pull a little without any penalty?”

Jesus doesn’t get flagged, silly. The linesman repented for his sins.

4:33 – Eric Parker decides to fair catch this punt at the 16 after the Pats fake going for it on 4th in order to try and draw the Chargers off. Tomlinson gets his 100+ by getting another 12, and he’s limping off, although he comes right back after one play off. Rivers hits Gates for 19, and how did the Patriots leave him that wide open? And they do it again, with Gates getting a third down catch again while going against a linebacker.

4:38 – WOW, that was an acrobatic catch. Vincent Jackson comes down with a 31 yard grab after leaping up in the air. A 6’5″ QB to a 6’5″ receiver, and then LDT punches it in for his second score of the day.

Oh, crap — there’s some words and some physical stuff going on during the point after, and the yellow is flying. Personal foul on the Chargers, and that’ll make good field position for the Pats. PAT is good, and it’s Chargers, 21-13.

Did Marty not tell his players to keep it under control? Hobbs takes it out to the Patriot 36, and I’m now giving Rules of Engagement three weeks.

4:45 – Jabar Gaffney pulls in another nice one from Brady for a first just past midfield. Kevin Faulk gets five more (would’ve had a first down if not for Donnie Edwards). Clearly, Tom is ready to go all Sex Cannon on us. Brady gets hit on third down, and while it is technically a sack, at least we were spared the “Lights Out” dance. Pats go on 4th, and Brady gets picked again, and Troy Brown is smart enough to knock it out after McCree picks it. Patriots recover the ball, 1st down, and Marty throws out the challenge flag. I don’t think he’ll win this one.

4:52 – Wasted challenge, as the play stands. Another catch by Gaffney, but Jammer hits him right away, and PS is right to say that the Chargers secondary has kept this game in check, as NE’s receivers can’t get a thing after the catch. Brady underthrows Watson again, but then hits Gaffney for a first down at the SD 13. Watson grabs this one at the 4. Brady finds Caldwell in the end zone just standing there for six. Odds are NE goes for two.

4:56 – NICE. Direct snap to Faulk and he runs it in. 21-all. Now we get to see what the rookie is made of late in games.

“Patriots have had a couple of the ugliest scoring drives this league has ever seen.” – PS

Mental error by Cromartie by not letting the kick roll out for an automatic at the 40 yard line. Rivers is back on with 4:30 left and LDT gets ’em 6 yards. Jackson gets whacked at the legs in mid-air-catch and it’s 3rd down. Hobbs is on a knee.

5:02 – The sound system at Qualcomm is rocking Gorillaz. Right on.

Asante Samuel knocks down the third down pass and earns every penny of the free agent contract he’ll be getting. Enjoy him while you still can, Pats fans; he’ll be wearing another team’s helmet next year. Pats’ return man runs backwards and around, not helping the cause.

One More Dying Quail said…If I’m a Chargers fan, I do NOT like the look that Marty Schottenheimer just had on his face.

WastingCompanyTime6 said…this game is over the Patriots have won…

Always looks that way on these things, doesn’t it? Brady is unlesahing his inner Sexy Rexy and is rifling passes to get the Pats downfield.

Gorgeous catch by Reche Caldwell, sticking it to his former team, and if he has a bit more balance, he’s in for six. As it is, he’s in Gostowski’s FG range now. Two minutes left.

5:13 – One More Dying Quail said… I’m fucking freaking out right now. But I’m calm compared to my wife. She’s alternating between swearing up a storm and failing to complete sentences.

Now that’s fandom. When I find a woman like that, the marriage proposal will be quick and easy.

Here comes Gostowski after the Pats take their last timeout. Up and good, 24-21, Patriots.

5:17 – Turner is pissed after slipping, because he’d have had at least 20 yards extra had he not fallen. Rivers come on, and hocks it down to Gates past the Charger 40. Rivers spikes it, and the crowd wants a late hit call that they won’t get. Another bomb past the Pats 40, and here comes Kaeding. Kick is up…and….it’s wide right. Brady just needs to take a knee, and this one’s over; we’ll see you in Indy next week.

They always get them on a field goal, don’t they?

Patriots, 24-21, and let the Brady vs. Manning storylines begin! Thanks to those of you commenting and sticking around, thanks to AA for hosting, and One More Dying Quail for his bang up job yesterday. The blog is Signal to Noise, and I’m out!