Should be a great day of action leading up to the Colts-Ravens game tonight. I’ll be around most of the day in this spot commenting on the action and the announcing. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see if I can get them in the mix.

Chris Berman actually used the nickname Wendy “Stevie” Nix. Ugh. Way to start they day.

“We’re not losers, we’re just not winning games.”- Jason Taylor

That’s nice.

“I agree with Tony.”- Mike Ditka talking about his on set partner Tom Jackson

Wow. Keyshawn makes a great point about previous coaches building their teams and the following coach taking them to Super Bowls in regards to Owens. He used himself in Tampa with Tony Dungy building the team but Gruden winning the Super Bowl, and the same analogy with Emmitt, Jimmy Johnson, and Switzer. This could actually be the case in Dallas this year. Good stuff.

For those of you who said earlier in the week that Cowher’s gameplan was going to be boring and a bunch of cliches…..Congratulations! You win! My personal favorite was, “you have to control the line of scrimmage.”

Also saw Jay Glazer’s report on how other coaches are pissed at the league over the Travis Henry suspension. They want to see the report in case they have players on their team that fall under the same category. Quoting him, “The NFL opened a can of worms with this one.”

“Mike Martz is suffering from Al Gore syndrome. Al still thinks he’s the President and Mike still thinks he’s head coach.”- Howie Long

Umm, Jillian Barberie just kissed Terry Bradshaw on the lips. I think I’m going to lose my lunch.

Hey Emmitt actually said “Right The Ship”! He got it right!!! He can be taught my friends.

“Maybe it’s frozen. Sometimes the pee(a) freezes inside the whistle.” – Kevin Harlan (Via Trevin Wagener)

Craig Davis appearing to fall over untouched on a punt return: “In the NFL he could have gotten up and kept running with it.”- Dan Dierdorf (Via Joe D)

“Josh David Booty”- Brian Baldinger (Via Random Ranting)

“I hope you guys got a chance to watch the Giants-Eagles game. Moose Johnston just turned in one of the worst announcing performances of the decade. He was rooting–ROOTING–for the Eagles, all the way down to the end, when, I believe, he called the ball on Akers missed FG “crooked,” as if it were conspiring with the Giants against the Eagles. I don’t have a tie to other team, and was looking forward to a good divisional game, which it was, until Moose had to put on an absolutely embarrassing performance.”- Anon

I caught the very end just now. He was rooting for that FG pretty hard….that was odd.

“There’s a winter chill in the air and we could have weather before the end of the game”. – Jim Nantz, Uh Jim there’s ALWAYS weather. (Via Steve)

That’s hilarious.

God damn that Dropkick song is played out. I love the band and love the movie The Departed, but enough is enough. Every damn rejoiner is that song when Boston sports are involved.

Wow that play was crazy….only the Patriots would luck out like that after Randy Moss dropped the lateral.

And now the Pats are talking a ton of trash and fights are breaking out. Jim Nantz calls it nonsense….I call it pride.

Jets-Browns Game: “Familiar with the term ball skills, Dick?” – Randy Cross to Dick Enberg (Via Anon)

My favorite part of the Steelers-Pats game is Phil Simms dissecting to similar plays from the QBs. Brady throws high to Moss who drops it and it’s Moss’ fault….Roethlisberger throws high to Nate Washington who drops it and it’s Big Ben’s fault for throwing it too hard. I understand that Tom Brady is a great QB, but he does make mistakes Phil.

“And there are the two Oregon High School teammates Kellen Clemens and Derek Anderson with an embrace. The two competed against each other all through High School.”- Dick Enberg

That would work Dick if they went to the same High School.