I’d love to tell you that I stuck it out for the sake of the site, but that’s not the case. The moment I saw Chris Mortensen (while being interviewed by Michele Tafoya) talk over an amazing touchdown by Jerious Norwood (1:50 Mark), I started watching Enemy of the State on cable.

The Vick coverage started yesterday at 9am and didn’t end until almost midnight. You knew it was coming (hell the producers even told us ahead of time), but I would have really loved to have watched some Football last night. They so could have wrapped up all the discussion at halftime and just moved on.

I think Sean Pendergast (during my spot on 1560AM in Houston last evening) summed it up best. The only people staying up that late to watch the 2nd Half of Monday Night Football are hardcore Football Fans (and probably high stakes gamblers). Times that by 20 for the preseason. The only people watching the 2nd half of that game are people who want to trash MNF, degenerate gamblers, guys trying to decide who their 12th round fantasy pick is, and insomniacs.

Everything was just too much last night. The legal analyst, Mort, the African-American lady that Suzy Kolber interviewed for 14 minutes, Tony getting mad because Chad Johnson didn’t celebrate a TD in the preseaon, etc, etc. It never ended. The only highlight for me was when Tony Kornheiser took Bobby Petrino to task for not allowing media to ask his former teammates questions regarding the quarterback. It’s the first time I’ve agreed with Tony in awhile. This is what you are good at….not those cheesy jokes. Keep this up…..

“That may work for him as a new coach, but these guys were his teammates, some of them for many years. And to deprive them a chance to see his first step in rehabilitation, I would have gone the other way on that.”- TK

ESPN has set MNF up to fail, but again….we already knew that. And can we please get rid of the term “Dress Rehearsal”? Any game that has a TD from Ovie Mughelli is not a “Dress Rehearsal”….it’s a crappy preseason game.