Noticed this at USA Today, and it jumped out at me. In an article about the NBA All-Star Game being in Las Vegas….Wilbon is quoted as saying the following…..

“It’s a younger, more diverse, hipper urban crowd,” says Michael Wilbon, a Washington Post sports columnist and ABC/ESPN analyst who’s covered both games many times. “While I still call it Black Thanksgiving, it’s a bigger celebration than that. At the core of it is the sensibilities of African-Americans and the parties we give.”

Wait what? Black Thanksgiving??? I’m confused on how to take this and maybe you can help. I’m thinking either A) It’s Wilbon making a “Soul Food” type of joke saying that African-Americans make a party out of every event….or B) He’s saying that is a problem with today’s African-Americans. Either way it was kind of odd…..I don’t know if I should laugh or be weirded out.

It’s especially odd if it is a joke because it’s really out of place. The whole article is slanted negatively towards the ASG weekend. In fact I’m lost on the whole article…..that’s what I get for ready the Mc Paper online.