What Would Joe Gibbs Do?

Bear with me……I usually try not to bore with you about talk about MY teams, but you’re going to get a good dose of it today. In my lifetime MY teams have won an NBA Championship, a World Series, a National Title, and three SuperBowls. Do I have a right to complain? Maybe/Maybe not, but I’m going to anyway(s).

Do you know how much it hurts to know that your favorite team doesn’t have a shot at the playoffs in football? Football is like no other sport. There’s not a period where you can go on a winning streak and makeup a ton of ground. There’s not an All-Star Break to regroup. You have one….maybe two shots to put together some wins, and even then you still might not make the playoffs.

I’m sure most of you are aware of this “pain”. Everyone is a fan of a different team in this here blogosphere, but not everyone is a fan of a team that is the “New Evil Empire”.

Did us Redskins’ Fans ask for this label? No. But are we taken in by it? Yeah, sure….a good bit. Did we think that the Spurrier Skins would put up 80 a game? Unfortunately yes. Did we think that Bruce Smith and Deion Sanders still had something left in the tank? Most of us. Do we think that we’re going to win the SuperBowl every April? Guilty. Do we completely disregard that our team has the worst drafting resume in the history of football? You betcha. Did most of us mistake Daniel Snyder’s ridiculous spending (ahem* Archuleta) for the desire of the Lombardi Trophy? Of course. And did every one of us thank god (no pun intended) when Snyder hired Joe Gibbs back? You’re damn straight we did.

I was of the cloth that Joe Gibbs deserved a reprieve for everything that he’s done in the past. Well that is until I saw this: Joe Gibbs’ Spiritual Gameplan (DC Sports Bog)

“I’m seeing a lot of the problems right now. We’ve got players hurt from time to time, we had a very tough loss in New York, and it kind of gets you to say what? Man, I’m looking around at the circumstances and I’m saying ‘Hey, I can’t control all this.’…I’m at a point right now where I really have to say to the Lord, ‘Hey look, I’m gonna try to not look at my circumstances. We’re 2-3 right now, we’ve had three tough losses. I don’t want to look at those circumstances, Lord, I just want to look at you and I want to stay focused on you and I want to say to you, save me.'”

You are the head coach of the football team!!! What do you mean you can’t control this?!?!?! I take that as meaning one of two things:

1) That you believe that God has already mapped out your life (and the season) and you are just going along for the ride.

Well if that’s the case then why even play/coach the games?

2) That you fired yourself last year when you gave up the duty of calling the offensive plays.

Seriously, what does Joe Gibbs do now? He doesn’t call the offense….he doesn’t provide the gameplan….he doesn’t even talk to players on the sidelines during games! He is basically a spiritual leader for those on the team who want one.

In most professions it’s great to have a figurehead, but in Football that just doesn’t fly. I’m not going to go that deep into the debate of Religion, but I think it does play a great part in Sport. With that said, there’s no way that it should stop you from doing your job. Regardless of my views on Religion….I have a huge problem with someone who is getting $6 million dollars and not doing their job. I mean Gibbs won’t even look at Field Goals….he just turns and says a silent prayer.

Faith and Hope are great things, but when you’re just doing your job on a “wing and a prayer” (pun intended) that’s when I begin to have a problem with it. As of today, I think the Redskins should fire Joe Gibbs at the end of the season. Is it borderline sacrilegious for me to say that? Sure. But I am one of those who believes God (if there is one) doesn’t care about Football games.

Mr. Gibbs is going into the rest of the season with (hopefully) his new savior. He wears the same number, and is an African-American Quarterback like a former savior. Do you know what the difference between the two of them is?

This Quarterback’s initials are JC. Coincidence?