The Emerald Walnuts Bowl
San Francisco, CA- AT&T Park

Florida State (6-6)
v. UCLA (7-5)

Weather: Fair/Windy 56 Degrees

Past Results (4):

Dec. 29, 2005 Utah 38, Georgia Tech 10
Dec. 30, 2004 Navy 34, New Mexico 19
Dec. 31, 2003 Boston College 35, Colorado State 21
Dec. 31, 2002 Virginia Tech 20, Air Force 13

Player(s) to Watch: Florida State’s DT’s Broderick Bunkley (I’m an idiot….I meant Buster Davis who isn’t even a DT.) and Andre Fluellen

Bank on this……UCLA plans on rushing the ball. The two big guys up front and the rest of the Seminole D are the only reason they even got to .500 on the year. Drew Weatherford (or whoever starts) is going to make mistakes. It’s up to the defense to hold UCLA and give Weatherford a shorter field to work with.

UCLA’s Junior Runningback #28- Chris Markey

Markey has 963 yards this season on 4.6 a carry. But oddly he only has 2 rushing TDs…..that might explain UCLA’s Red Zone TD’s being at only 41% (17 of 41). It’s a good thing that UCLA is facing an anemic Florida State offense.

Deciding Factor(s): It’s going to boil down to Defense and turnovers in this one. You could ultimately say that about any game, but I’m taking it a step further. One of these defenses will score a TD that will decide the game. The question is which one?

It’s basically a wash in special teams with FSU having the better return game, and UCLA having the better kicker. Look for your boy FSU’s Michael Ray Garvin to bust one tonight against UCLA’s inconsistent coverage team.

Interesting Fact:
The UCLA defense has made as big a turnaround as any unit in the country. The Bruins were 116th nationally in rushing defense last season; now they are 11th (89.2 yards per game).

Spread: UCLA -4.5, O/U 38.5

AA’s Pick and Analysis: Good lord this is another tough one to pick. The smart pick is obviously UCLA who is peaking at the right time, but my gut is telling me FSU. I think I’m going to take the points in a close game, and FSU’s defense might just pull it out for them.

Prediction UCLA 20-17.

I have no idea why they took the Walnuts part out of the Bowl, but it needs to come back. I should be around later if you’d like to have another pseudo Live-Blog. Good Luck.

So from the comments I can figure out two things…..Dan Fouts is involved…..not good. And I’m an idiot for thinking that Brodrick Bunkley=Buster Davis. Good start AA…..goooooood start.

P.S.- Thanks Anon for not laying into me harder. I’m feeling very emotional right now and that would have hurt my ego. Not really, but thanks.

7-0 Noles

Wait…..make that 7-7 after a 78 yard catch and run by Breazell. So much for low scoring. Let’s make this exciting.

8:41- The Bruins look like they can pass all over State. FSU really needs to blitz every down if they want to keep up.

“Pressure from Geno Davis on the blitz (player gets up and his jersey says Hayes) make that Geno Hayes”- Dan Fouts, not that I’m one for making fun of people who mess names up.

Danny Boy freaks out as Medlock hits a FG…

10-7 UCLA.

8:48-“As Jack talked about this is a flat field because it’s a baseball field”- DF, So most football games are played on a hill Dan?

“Steve Barth our referee from the USA…..Conference.”- DF, that’s Conference USA to those of us who watch football.

I love how Dan Fouts basically turns himself into the main announcer for games…..I thought he was an analyst?

If anyone remembers the quarterback from Not Another Teen Movie who runs on the balls of his feet, and prances around……….that’s Cowan. He just looks awkward.

9:13- So awkward that he throws a money pass to Junior Taylor for the score 17-10 UCLA.

“Booker looks looked like he was heading to halelujah land”

20-13 Half. I think Dan Fouts has to be the worst announcer ever.

C- AA, Cowan isn’t quite Not Another Teen Movie Quarterback to me — he’s totally the dude from American Pie.

Touche’ C…..touche’.

Florida State blocks a punt and runs it in for the 23-20 lead. So much for that over/under…’s been destroyed.

On a short kickoff…..”And the fair catch is signaled and….IT’S MIFFED!”