NFL Sunday Ticket NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube.

The phrase “free NFL Sunday Ticket” always perks ears up around here, and Verizon is offering the service to new and existing customers during NFL Sunday Ticket’s first year on YouTube TV.

Of course, it’s not as easy as clicking a box and getting access. Some hurdles first need to be cleared.

Current Verizon customers must either upgrade to the company’s Unlimited Plus service or add a new line to their current Unlimited Plus service to receive access to Sunday Ticket. Current customers who do not upgrade can get $100 off a subscription.

New customers must purchase a new, eligible smartphone from Verizon and sign up for an Unlimited Plus plan to receive their NFL Sunday Ticket subscription.

New and existing Verizon internet customers can also get free NFL Sunday Ticket this year. Current Fios subscribers can upgrade to a 1 Gig plan to receive free Sunday Ticket, while new subscribers can sign up for a Fios 1 Gig, 5G Home Plus, or LTE Home Plus plan to be eligible for free Sunday Ticket.

In its first season on YouTube, NFL Sunday Ticket is not cheap. We’re already past the early bird deadline, meaning a subscription will now run you $349 if you subscribe to YouTube TV or an eye-watering $449 if you don’t. That’s a pretty substantial hike from the $289 last year on DirecTV, and any discount could be worth it for potential subscribers.


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