Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV

Sunday was a huge day for football fans as YouTube TV took over for DirecTV as the exclusive home of NFL Sunday Ticket. The NFL awarded the rights to out-of-market games to the streaming platform for a reported $2 billion per year for seven years. It’s the first time the package moved away from DirecTV since its founding in 1994.

Approaching the service’s debut on the platform there were numerous questions about how the transition from satellite to streaming would go. Would there be latency and delay issues? Would fans be able to watch more than one game at a time? Would there be any technical difficulties as we’ve seen with some other streamers who have tried big, live productions?

Through the first wave of 1 PM E.T. NFL games on the opening Sunday of the season, the reviews are in for Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and most have found it a resounding success.

Probably the biggest feature that YouTube TV has rolled out is multiview – where fans can watch up to four games at once on their home screen. There are a couple of caveats with that—the multiviews are curated by YouTube TV itself. So if you’d like to pick your own set of four games, that feature is not available just yet. Additionally, it’s only available on smart TVs or streaming devices, not on the web.

However, the mix of games is fairly robust. Most include options alongside NFL RedZone, which is great if you want to watch your favorite team play while also having an option right on your screen to flip to while it’s in a commercial.

Importantly for those with a little action on the games, the delay factor for streams was a concern heading into the YouTube era. However, those concerns were mostly allayed. Delays were minimal (except RedZone seemed to be a play behind if it were showing highlights of the game you were watching) and the streaming quality was superb.

Overall, former player and analyst Steve Smith speaks for a lot of people in saying that Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV is a roaring success.

Hopefully, no issues emerge through the season and a customizable multiview option emerges, but other than that there’s not too much fans can ask for from Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV.