YouTube announced it was having buffering issues on Sunday, which left YouTube TV and NFL Sunday Ticket viewers frustrated. Photo Credit: Twitter/X user tj watt dpoy szn Photo Credit: Twitter/X user tj watt dpoy szn

As Sunday afternoon’s NFL games got underway, viewers noticed issues with their feeds. The screens were buffering, leading to choppy feeds and issues with both the video and audio. The issues were not with any one person’s streams, nor were they with one or two games. It was an issue with YouTube TV and was apparently not just limited to the NFL games.

Roughly an hour after Sunday’s 1 p.m. games got underway, the TeamYouTube made an announcement on Twitter/X.

“If you’re experiencing buffering issues on YouTube our team is aware and working on a fix,” the announcement said. “YouTube TV or NFL Sunday Ticket may also be impacted. we’ll follow-up here once this has been resolved.”

On one hand, knowing that it’s an issue with the service as opposed to an individual’s feed does provide a sense of relief. That, however, is minor consolation in this case.

The service, which is not inexpensive, going out on an NFL Sunday (and a busy one at that with no bye weeks), left people frustrated.

Further updates will be provided throughout the day as they become available.

[TeamYouTube, Photo Credit: Twitter/X user tj watt dpoy szn]

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