Pat McAfee has excelled in his role as a WWE commentator, and it’s clearly a relationship both parties want to pursue.

McAfee, who has also performed in the ring , has a new deal to remain on WWE broadcasts going forward. WWE announced the move in a press release, terming the contract a multiyear extension.

Via WWE:

WWE today announced that Pat McAfee has signed a multiyear extension with WWE.

Since April 2021, McAfee has served as an analyst, alongside Michael Cole, for Friday Night SmackDown at 8 pm ET live each week on FOX.

The new pact will see McAfee entertaining the WWE Universe for years to come.

Earlier this year, McAfee delighted fans and lit up social media with a WrestleMania debut for the ages at AT&T Stadium in Dallas when battling Theory, Mr. McMahon, and even getting stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

McAfee’s work on the call is a sort of heightened version of his Pat McAfee show personality (well, slightly heightened, you can only go so much higher) and his energy is undeniably infectious.

His in-ring work has also been fairly impressive, including some very high-profile spots.

You never really make it as a WWE commentator until you’ve been stunned by Steve Austin:

McAfee is obviously a busy man, given his other media obligations, but clearly the schedule works for him. WWE, meanwhile, gets to keep a rising social media/media in general star on their broadcasts. It’s not hard to see why the relationship will continue.


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